Thursday, March 3, 2011

Released new version of Free Virtual Keyboard 2.7

Changes in version 2.7:
  • Two new keyboard types have been added. Now you can select other keyboard layouts.
  • New option Fit to the screen width has been added.
  • Some other enhancements.
You can download new version from Virtual Keyboard Site


  1. press once on shift and number 2

  2. Very good work.
    It just lack a numeric keypad to ease typing of numeric values .
    A new keyboard layout with a the numeric keypad would be perfect.


  3. Would it be possible to add feature for an automatic FreeVK popup when cursor is in text box (= text typing cursor appears). That behavior would be similar to one of phones with touchscreens. Keeping FreeVK always on top hides part of the screen, and minimizing/reopening each time is annoying.

  4. Is there anyway to make sure that the FVK will always open with certain default settings? I tried setting the .ini file to Read Only, but then the program will save it's settings to the registry. Thanks!

  5. I'm so glad to use your excelent program (freevk.exe) wich is complete for my needs,
    as I can access with a double click on the exe file, or type freevk.exe at the DOS PROMPT

    But I want to know how can disable or exit with some keystrock at the DOS PROMPT like:
    freevk.exe -exit (or something like that) is there any syntaxis to exit from this excelent program?

    thanks in advance, and best regards

  6. This program doesn't works over some others programs ... I use a terminal emulator call ANITA from and when pressing keys on virtual keyboard nothing appends...But in windows native apps no problems. (Using Windows 8).

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hello.

    I'm sending you a feedback on the errors that have occured while using "Free Virtual Keyboard". My OS is Windows 8 (64bit). I have no problem in executing the "FreeVK.exe", but the following error message pops up when using the command "Start FreeVK.exe" either via batch file or command prompt :

    "Access violation at address 0045FAAB in module 'FreeVK.exe'. Read of address 000005E4."

    I'd like to have some solutions to this problem if there are any and thank you so much for such utility programme. I'm making a good use of it. Keep up the great work!

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