Monday, May 20, 2019

Free Virtual Keyboard 4.2 has been released

  • New: Japanese interface language has been added.
  • Improved: The definition of the default keyboard size has been improved.
  • Improved: The keyboard "Standard+Arrows" has been changed.
  • Improved: The restriction of 10 simultaneously used input languages was removed.
  • Improved: The switching of the input language was accelerated.
  • Improved: The label on the AltGr key now depends on the input language.
  • Fixed: If you moved the keyboard over the edge of the screen, the transparency slider did not redraw.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the state of the Caps Lock key was incorrectly determined.
  • Some other bugfixes and improvements.
You can download new version from Virtual Keyboard Website


  1. It would be nice to switch the language.

  2. Hi!

    Great to find this app. Please let me know whether it helps in English to Hindi transliteration? If yes, then how do I get this feature on the keyboard for my MS Word?

    Do reply.

    Best regards

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